Monday, April 12, 2010

Time passes, life changes, but good news about a wheelchair!

Hi all,

I cannot believe it has been so long since I created this blog! Life has changed a lot in the past months, but I am getting back to "normal" and want to keep this going (or rather get it started!) :o)

When I first created this blog and my Twitter account, I assumed I would be blogging daily, or close to it.  A few days after creating the blog though, I had a relapse of my MS.  I am doing much better now, hence why I am starting this up again.  It has been an interesting few months though!

I have been working on getting my first power wheelchair.  I was lucky to have the MS Society of Canada help me out with getting a manual wheelchair when I had my relapse back in October, but I can only use that when I have assisstance, as I do not possess the strength or endurance in my arms to push myself.  Getting the power chair means I can go to the mall again and go for "walks" outside.  Goodness!  What should I be calling them now?  Rolls?  :o)

I had no idea that getting a power chair was so hard!  Complicated by insurance companies and Government offices, therapists and sales people!  If I made enough money on Long Term Disability (LTD), then I would definitely hire a personal assistant to do all my paperwork and telephone/email follow up with people!  Between cognitive difficulties and vision problems, it takes me ages to do things these days!  Sadly, LTD is just barely enough to live on.

But, there is a light in all of this!  Once I get my power chair, I will be able to wear high heeled shoes again!I cannot tell you how excited I am at the prospect of wearing my favourite part of my wardrobe again!  It's been three years since I could wear heels!

So maybe, just maybe that helps some of the girls out there!  Just imagine - being able to wear high heels, but not having to worry about tripping, sore toes, sore ankles, sore calf muscles - just beautiful feet and sexier legs.  Long live the wheelchair!  :o)

Oh - just so I am not misleading anyone, I am still trying to get by with a rolling walker, but will be using the chair for shopping and trips to the local park and just to get outside a little, or anytime I will need to walk more than the little bit I can these days.

Twitter!  As for Twitter, can you believe I have over 200 followers already and I haven't even been posting?  I'll be curious to see how that changes as I become active again!  My humble thanks to all who read this and to those who follow my Tweets!

I hope everyone is feeling as well as they can be.  Keep your head up and be happy!